‌By Caviar House & Carpet Club: Acipenser stellatus

“Its caviar, petite and richly colored, exudes a distinctive taste profile. Sevruga is the favorite of those who emphasize character and originality.”

The Sevruga is the smallest of the commercially caught sturgeons. It does not exceed a length of 1,50 meters and rarely weighs more than 25 kg. It has a long, compact snout and two rows of barbs above a small mouth.

Like the osciètre, the Sevruga is omnivorous and feeds on algae and small crustaceans it finds on the seabed. It has the characteristic hard scales along its body, which look like small stars. This is why it is sometimes referred to as the star sturgeon. The spine is impressive.

The body is spotted, dark brown or cinnamon, ash gray or black. At sea, the Sevruga is generally darker than when in rivers. Sevruga females begin producing eggs between the ages of 7 and 10 years, which is earlier than other sturgeon. At this age, eggs make up 10-12% of its weight.

They reach their peak quality when the fish reaches an age between 18 and 22. The eggs are gray- black in color and form a small, narrow roe. Their flavor is stronger than that of any other sturgeon roe.

Connoisseurs appreciate its unique flavor. Sevruga caviar is also the least expensive, especially since this fish is caught in large quantities.